Quantum Computing Lectures are available

The lectures from "Quantum Computers for the talented beginner" are being made available for fun, entertainment, and edification. They are not presented as original work and they draw heavily from online sources, text book sources, and other courses.

The above image is of the scanning tunneling microscope at WFU's Nanotechnology Center. It is used primarily to study the electronic properties of newly developed topological Qubits at the University. If you would like to learn more about our research contact Prof. Carroll.

“Quantum Computers for the talented beginner: a physics course at Wake Forest University”

The STM actually uses a completely quantum phenomenon to construct images - quantum tunneling. It is ironic to use quantum to study quantum...

Relevant Content

The first two lectures of the class are available here in pdf. It is requested that these be used only for personal instruction. Do not alter them or misrepresent them as original to this course.

To access the slides you must goto file share on the main page. I think an account is required. If so, sign up and I will put you on the list.

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