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QCWG is a collection of faculty with an interest in quantum computing. The focus of group activities is the design, fabrication and web implementation of the Wake Quantum Chip. Utilizing the cleanroom and fabrication facilities at the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake, a new type of topological entanglement QuBit is being implemented into a  multi-Qubit chip. The goal is to allow general, off-campus users to interface with the chip through a wake-designed web portal and programming environment. 

The team consists of physicists, computer scientists, chemists, and scientists in BioInformatics. Undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and visiting scientists are working together on the WFU campus to create an atmosphere of interdisciplinary partnership.



Wake Chip Build Team

and Editor of Blog

David Carroll


David is the director of Nanotech and his quantum materials lab is responsible for the assembly of Qubits (a core register) known as Pauli.

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Programming Team

Pete Santago


Pete is the head of the WFU computer science dept. He and several other CS faculty are helping with the programming aspects of Pauli.

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Applications Team

Streamline Automation


The great guys/gals at Streamline are our industrial partners. With a team of engineers they are helping to scale up the processes and structures we develop.

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