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Courses Taught by the Group

We are building a core of courses for the advanced undergraduate to PhD student in the areas of quantum information theory, quantum processing and computing, and quantum programming languages

PHY 365/655 Exotic Materials (3 Cr) Carroll

This advanced  materials course is intended as a follow-on to graduate solid state physics and requires significant background preparation. The basic topic of the course is the introduction of topology in quantum materials.


PHY 354/654 - An Introduction to Quantum Computing (3 Cr) Carroll

This is a fast paced and advanced physics course with plenty of computer science thrown in as well. You will need some background in both physics and programming to make use of this course. If you have any doubts you should email the instructor.

WFU makes these courses available to external participants using ZOOM. Participation by any individual is through the discretion of the instructor. For more information contact

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