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IBM’s new 53-qubit quantum computer is the most powerful machine you can use

The big players are leaping ahead in chip fabrication based on spin-correlated systems. Google, IBM, D-Wave, and more are going "all in" with the latest architectures.

Next month IBM will launch a 53 quantum bits, or qubits, computer that will be open for users of the IBM quantum website. This is in competition with Google's 72-qubit device, but Google doesn't let outsiders run programs on theirs. IBM’s machine, will be accessible via the cloud.

Quantum Singularity: That’s the point at which a universal quantum computer can perform tasks beyond the reach of the most powerful conventional supercomputers. Google is rumored to be the closest to achieving this—but hitting that goal doesn't mean these Q-computers will be without a unique set of difficulties: specifically, sensitivity to the local environment.

The Return of IBM?

For IBM this is its 14th quantum computer and its most powerful to date. At its core, the system has 53 qubits of processing power. That's a big step from "IBM Q System One" which was debuted this past January. It had 20 qubits of processing power.

"The new quantum system is important because it offers a larger lattice and gives users the ability to run even more complex entanglement and connectivity experiments," says Dario Gil, director of IBM Research, in a press statement.

“The single goal of this passionate community is to achieve what we call Quantum Advantage, producing powerful quantum systems that can ultimately solve real problems facing our clients that are not viable using today’s classical methods alone, and by making even more IBM Quantum systems available we believe that goal is achievable.” Gil adds.

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