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Share processes and techniques used in the cleanroom at Wake. Do you have any tricks you have learned, know of new ways of creating monolithic structure?

This blog posting is for bringing cleanroom users that are working on the quantum computer project (Pauli), together. Use this space to connect with each other and share info on equipment status, technique improvements, emerging trends in i-line fab, and more.

“Wake Forest University's cleanroom facilities are a basic user facility that allows for 365nm line lithography with high NILS. It is managed by the Nanotechnology Center”

The streamlined lithography process can be broken into...


I. Mask fabrication - this is performed using a high resolution (DIMATIX) printing system onto a polypropylene sheet. This template pattern is then reduced through a Cs-corrected reduction reticle (VSW reducer) to a mask pattern imaged onto a SU-8 spin-coated (Laurel) 3" x 3" quartz substrate and exposed in UV (Oriel 365nm source). After development on the quartz, Ar plasma treatment (Hummer X) is used for image refinement followed by Chromium deposition (VSW PVD) to form the contact mask. Typically, this process yields a mask feature resolution of 0.5 microns.

II. 3 step build - the construction of a topological-bit uses 3 masking steps.

driver/oscillator fabrication

placement of quantum element

top pickup placement

III. Sealing step - the is the first step in packaging.

IV. Wirebonding - connecting leads to the chip

V. Close the case and test - just what is says

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